{bullet points}

July 22, 2010

-If Jer got the job in my school district we would save about $200 a month on health insurance. Why is it cheaper to have dependents on your health insurance but more expensive to have a spouse? I just feel like people without kids are paying for it big time.

-I am in a workout slump again. After traveling last weekend I just can't get back into my routine. I hate not having a routine.

-This house needs a good spring cleaning, and I am not doing it until summer school is out.

-I don't know how people don't die after having kids. One weekend in the same hotel room as a baby and Jer and I are probably never having kids. Lack of sleep sucked...the restaurant sucked more. Babies and restaurants don't mix. I already knew that from going to restaurants, but being at the table with a baby is worse than hearing from a distance.

-My parents are buying new living room furniture and I have now been bitten by the new furniture bug. I would kill for a new couch and to find the chairs and bench for my dining room I have been wanting.

-I am scared to death to start a new school year. It is reeking of negative right now. I'm not good at being positive when I am surrounded by negative. I guess this will be a lock-myself-in-my-room year.

-I found a recipe for mug cake that is only 2 WW points. 1 bag angel food cake mix + 1 bag of reduced sugar cake mix{any flavor}, mix in a container together and whenever you want cake scoop out 1/4 cup and add 2 Tbsp. Microwave for about 2 mins. Eat.

Those are just a few things I've been thinking lately. How has y'all's week been?