Freeman Family Reunion

July 27, 2010

Saturday we had our annual Freeman family get together in Natchitoches. As usual the uncles were as bad as ever. I feel sorry for Aunt Billie and Nanny having to grow up with those guys, but they have some pretty funny stories. Really makes you realize just how much parents don't let their kids get away with these days.

Some of the guys playing music.
Amber and Brittany playing a dance game on the Wii.
Brittany and JC
Me and Jeremy, I was continually getting smacked with the controller while we danced to Spice Girls- Wanna Be.
Beginning of tired baby eyes.
This one cracks me up. Passed out with his fingers in his mouth and his fat baby gut hanging out. Look at those thunder thighs!
How much did you people spend on his baby toys? Should have just bought a pack of water bottles. Half full water bottle is the funniest thing ever for some odd reason. I started a bad habit by letting him drink out of my water bottle. Now he thinks he HAS to drink out of my water bottle. Baby won't take a bottle or a sippy cup for juice, but he can drink out of a Ozarka bottle.
All of that happiness didn't last long. 30 miles out of Vidalia he decided he was mad and it was time to eat.