Things I Bought & Liked | August

September 4, 2019

This wasn't a big purchase month, actually it was more of a restocking of sorts. Most purchases were mattresses from At Home and a rug from Target... but don't even ask me which one. I bought what was on sale and big enough.

Hanhoo Blemish Patch | The fact that these are readily available in the US now gives me all the praise hand emojis! This is yet another K-Beauty concept that works wonders. The little patches don't contain medicine but are a material that will soak up the oil in a zit. Think nasty cystic zits, not black heads. It might take a few nights, and if I'm not going anywhere I'll wear one during the day as well. Either way, this was a repurchase from Amazon but Walmart carries them as well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Definer | I started out using their other brow pencil and accidentally bought this one only to fall in love. So this is roughly Brow Definer number 3. I go between Taupe and Soft Brown, I think Soft Brown is probably more my shade.

Joovy Spoon Walker | Finally a new purchase. I got rid of a lot of our baby play items when we moved into the apartment and am finally able to buy things I'd really like to have now that we have space. I love this walker because it doesn't have toys attached to it and the tray can be removed and cleaned. Currently our little crawfish only goes backwards in it but it does contain his mischief for a moment.

GVIEWIN iPad Cover | I've been happy with this really cute floral iPad cover... don't even ask why I had to buy a new iPad and cover. (Forgot them at a hotel who wanted to act like I was out of my mind.) FYI if you need a new iPad check out Groupon, found one for the price of a Kindle.

Natural Vitality Calm | I BUY THIS ON REPEAT! I'm by no means a calm person and at night it's the worst. My mind will race and keep me awake. Between this and melatonin I can sleep at night and not be quite as high strung. Bonus points is that it's just magnesium and keeps things working... if you get my gist.

Earth Mama Milk Maid Tea | My supply still hasn't gotten back to normal between the stress of moving, a new job, and mother nature messing with things. I drink this daily and also take the UpSpring fenugreek supplement. If any other mamas have experience with this and have a good solid solution send it my way. I'm at a loss. I've never had a problem nursing wise that Blue Bell Ice Cream couldn't fix and this one isn't fixing easy. Two weeks and I'm lucky to get 4 ounces and have been known to get only one. My freezer stash isn't going to hold for long.