Eat Leaves, Standing, & STTN

September 27, 2019

The number of photos you have to take to get a baby to look half decent.

Don't even get me started on the older one. I flat out don't ask him to smile in a photo. Natural = wonderful. Staged = hasn't slept in 10 days. He has a good smile but the poor child looks all over creation and his eyes look wonky.

But this little one. He is finally sleeping through the night.

He didn't choose this life, his mama chose it folks.

Last weekend I moved Harrison into our room (they share a room) and proceeded to offer him a bottle of water when he woke up and otherwise just turn the sound off on the monitor. He's fine, he just wants to nurse because he happened to wake up.

Friday night - rough

Saturday night - less rough

Sunday night - he slept all night

And he's continued on this path since then. I had to go in last night and offer water and put him back in bed but he quickly worked his self out and went back to sleep.

Those people with babies who sleep all night early on... we aren't those people.

Notice that baby above... I think I've found our child that is going to stick any and everything in his mouth. He's tasted half the plants in the yard. Just last weekend he learned to pull up and started to cruise all because he wanted Legos he couldn't have.

Not to mention walking into the living room and finding him fist deep in his brother's popcorn. It'll be a miracle is he makes it to 5 without major drama. The baby is busy.

While South Louisiana is celebrating their farmers this weekend and the impending sugar cane harvest, North Alabama is showing me a side of life I haven't seen since our North Louisiana days.


Slowly but surely the leaves got the memo that fall started Monday and the trees have been changing color and shedding their foliage.

It's glorious.

Glorious enough to drink iced coffee outside in this wretched heat while I pretend it isn't actually 95 degrees outside with those beautiful trees.

That about sums up life this week.

Harrison has steadily been drawing more and more detailed drawings. It's nice to see him excel at something especially with all of our fuss with the speech delay. I was just so afraid all of life would be a struggle for him.

Jeremy is rocking and rolling with youth group. He's enjoying himself and happily busy. I'm eager for summer time when I can be more hands on with him. Currently I'm floating around everywhere just so I can be involved in everything. Women's Bible Study meets the same time as youth and that's the one time I can hear him teach, so I'm alternating days. I go to the college SS class and help out as a co-leader... but y'all all know I am not a public speaker and only teach when it's a hard core need.

I'll get there though.

I sat in bible study Wednesday night and watched our pastor's wife teach in such a manner that you could tell this wasn't her first rodeo. Everything rolled off of her tongue easily and she seemed so comfortable. It occurred to me that I saw the same traits in our pastor's wives back home, which also led me to guess this is something that comes with time. The longer we are in ministry, in this aspect, the more relaxed I'll be with speaking to other adults.

Teaching kids really makes that hard. I can teach a group of kiddos no problem, but adults make me skin crawl lol! I need more adult experience... or not.

All that life update to say... I'm rambling. I also really need to take more photos throughout the week.