Meal Planning Monday

September 30, 2019

I'm typing this up as I'm meal prepping my Polenta Bowls for lunch for the week.

They're incredible easy, and I've even used mashed cauliflower for low carb macro days. Not to mention with polenta not being the easiest to come by I often sub grits.

Cheese grits being the best, for basically all life occasions.

This time I actually have real polenta but that's for dinner tonight... I meal prepped myself to also have Polenta Bowls for dinner. Jeremy can eat something once, but not 100 times in a row like me. Hence making my life easy and not making him eat this a million times.

Monday | Pesto Chicken (marinated in pesto and balsamic) with Roasted Asparagus and Smokey Roasted Tomatoes

Tuesday | leftovers

Wednesday | Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Sour Dough Bread

Thursday | leftovers

Friday | Testing out an Etouffee recipe

Saturday | Roasted Carrots, Farro Salad w/ Cannelini Beans and a Grilled Burger

Sunday | leftovers for lunch (dinner to be determined... I ended up using the Polenta Bowl tonight)


Breakfast | Orgain Clean Protein (premade shake)

Lunch | Polenta Bowls - I'll post the recipe this week.

Snack - Yogurt, Low Carb Wrap or a Rice cake with PB & mini chocolate chips, kombucha