6 Cooking Hacks to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

February 21, 2018

Back in the child free days of life I could take ages in the kitchen. This day in age, not so much. I'm constantly having my feet stepped on, being hit with some stick he thinks is a sword, or dishing out snacks for the ever hungry toddler.

No time for long recipes.

In that I've started taking more short cuts, not full Sandra Dee (I'm not making cocktails for everything dish I come up with) and not full on Paula Dean... just somewhere in between.

1. Buy a rotisserie chicken. 

I took this shortcut recently with my lunches and it saved SO MUCH TIME. I'm even adding it into dinner instead of roasting a chicken myself.

2. Those Minute rice cups are revolutionary. 

Back in the day when the rice bags came out I was obsessed. I fell off the rice wagon and started eating more riced veggies. Somehow I came across the Minute rice cups and let me tell you, it's great if only one or two people are eating rice at a meal. I can quickly make rice for Jeremy without having to go through the hassle of pulling out the rice cooker or even more fun... burning it on the stove.

3. Cook in a wide shallow pan. 

I use my big ole flat pan for everything. It cut down the time I would normally use for most sauces and brings smaller quantities of things to a boil much faster.

4. Frozen meatballs are your friend. 

I once handmade all of my meatballs, no so much anymore. Now I generally toss my meatballs in a crock-pot with whatever sauce and can save at least 30 minutes of making meatballs in the evening.

5. Buy prechopped veggies

Down here we use a lot of onion and bell pepper in recipes, I keep a bag of frozen seasoning blend on hand and skip chopping onions and peppers most of the time.

6. If you do chop, chop small. 

Small diced veggies cook up much faster.

So that's it! 6 of my personal tips for speeding up life in the kitchen.

Tell me, what are some of your personal ways to cut time down in the kitchen?