That Time the Baby Turned 2

February 28, 2017

I don't know what kind of voodoo was put on us, but I was pregnant something like a week ago and then BAM I have a 2 year old.

Really though, how does time pass by so fast?

Since today was little dudes birthday, and since his G (oldest grandchild turned Gigi into G, I'm working on getting it back to Gigi... said GG) got us zoo passes for our birthdays we went to the zoo. Our neighbors even went with us.

The picture below is even from today, and if you know me you know it's insane that I even got this picture up the same day. Heck it's a Christmas miracle that this post didn't go up tomorrow.

While we're at it let's do an old fashioned monthly update post so I can remember this mess a few years from now. 

Weight: something like 28lbs 

Length/Height: oh gosh who knows, he's not the 90th percentile though I can tell you that much. 

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown with a little red tint in the sun

Clothes: 24 months to 2T and even 3T pajamas

Diapers: size 5

Likes: peanut butter, yogurt, Cherrios, bananas, wraps, and his favorite word ever... King Cake

Dislikes: anything I think he would like at the moment & transitions. Such as going to take a bath... then getting out of the bath. 

Eating: Whatever suits his fancy these days. The toddler food ideals are trying to creep in. 

Sleeping: all night!!!

Milestones: Starting to talk more. He only says what really matters to him, like king cake. He says a few animals and sounds. Right now "no" is the favorite and he likes to say "yaaas" when you say no. Funniest right now is definitely cow, said "chow."

If I had to describe our 24th month in one word, it would be: hilarious, he has a sense of humor and uses it

Mommy notes: The child is obsessed with socks, he would prefer to be naked but would like to have socks on.  Harrison also loves Sesame Street & Clifford. 

Now, because I can. Here's the comparison photo for the day he was born, 1 year, and two years today.