An Ode to It CC Cream

February 22, 2017

Oh dearest It Cosmetics,

How it's taken me so long to commit to you I'll never know. Like seriously, can we be besties? I'll even model your products on QVC.

I've heard people rave about you for years and thought "That's just too expensive." I assumed my BB cream worked just fine. Let me admit to you right now that it did not in fact "work just fine." In fact I was unaware of what working actually was. 

I thought the sample you sent of the regular CC was good, I was living a lie. The illuminating makes my skin look like the skin of someone who hasn't been married, had a job, and worse yet for the skin... a kid. 

I love my kid but let's face it, I now have more wrinkles and much more uneven skin. Like who does this skin belong to? I woke up convinced I missed the bus just the other day. How is it I'm in fact old enough to drive a bus? 

I digress...

You're pretty awesome It. I may never use another product again. The fact that you contain all the serums I'm already rubbing on my face is just the frosting on the cake. At 30ish I can't afford to not work on wrinkle removal and prevention on the daily. 

Well my short crazed reason I need a CC cream is throwing Goldfish crackers around the living room. I'll be using you again tomorrow morning. 

Much love,