Blow Your Noise Maker

March 1, 2017

Yesterday evening we had two of our neighbors over for cake after dinner. Granted it's two of the kids favorite neighbors.

He has a penchent for yelling Jackie and adores her "pup pups" and will waste no time darting across the road to see Naomi to play with her son's sports equipment. I've even seen him walk up to Naomi's husband and shake his hand, who knows where that came from but it's hilarious to see a toddler wander around shaking hands with grown men.

My ever festive friend and neighbor Jackie came bearing noise makers, balloons, and basically continued her tour as so much more fun than Mama. He knows where the fun is and who is the strict one, there's no denying that.

I wouldn't call Harrison skilled at a noise maker. He eventually quit shaking them and stuck it in his mouth. With his two year old inability to blow worth a dern he took to humming loudly or squealing with it in his mouth.

Between the balloon and the noise makers I'd say he enjoyed himself. I'm not entirely sure he has developed a concept of birthday, but noise and attention definitely suited him. 

To top it all off I managed a Pioneer Woman Ice Cream Cake in an attempt to avoid driving to the Dairy Queen and it got high marks of approval. Granted nothing beats the little beaded cookie goodness in between the layers of an actual ice cream cake. 

Nothing also beats the goodness of not having to clean up your counters after attempting to put together a cake after letting the ice cream melt 2 minutes longer than it should have. Dang 80 degree February. 

I also completely realize my child is essentially sans outfit. I'd much rather not remove chocolate sauce from a shirt, especially if it were some special shirt with birthday wishes on it. But I'm not exactly that mom who thinks ahead and buys such things, so all I removed was a jumper and white shirt. 

Now for the good part. 

He literally yelled "Yay!" the entire time the candles were lit and everyone was singing to him. 

Proof that "stuff" and Pinterest parties aren't needed. He was ecstatic over a few people and 10 dollars worth of ice cream and pound cake. 

Although I wish that dang camera would have focused right in the 30 seconds I had to try to get a picture of this. Who wants to focus on the cake? Not me, not me people.