Currently Feb.

February 15, 2017

Current book: Candace Bure Dancing Through Life & I started working through the new Kelly Minter study All Things New on 2 Corinthians. 
Current music: Not much, does that fact that the playlist from the Country Heat workout that won't leave my head count? 
Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Makeup, it's taken me years to get into it but I've been having fun lately. 

Current drink: LaCroix, what else. Water? 
Current food: This salad was amazing. I need to figure out how to store anchoives so I can make it more often. 

Current obsession: Working out again, not like obsessively though. I'm just having fun with it. I went to a Minnesota Power Yoga class a few days ago and fell in love. YOD was amazing. 
Current craving: That camping trip we are talking about over Mardi Gras break. 
Current need: More time in the day. 
Current indulgence: Pots de Creme. My hubby loves it. 
Current bane of my existence: Apparently burning the cane wasn't enough, they're also burning the marshes... hence a baby will insane allergies. 
Current procrastination: Laundry
Current confession: I might have cleaned the baseboards in the guest bath with a baby wipe the other night during Harrison's bath time. 
Current quote: Oh dang. Don't have one. 
Current excitement: 2nd birthday is coming up, we'll forget that my 31st is a hot minute before his. I did get my birthday present early so that was exciting. It was a new Fitbit, my Flex wasn't holding a charge so I upgraded to the Alta.

I'll be honest, I got the Ultra when it came out and then the Flex and so on. I don't get the need for the big ones. It's too bulky. My main reason for the Alta was that it combined my Flex with what I missed about the Ultra plus a bit more. Also... the interchangeable leather straps. Winning. 

Current mood: Great. Stayed home with Harrison today because our sitter's son has the flu. It was nice pretending to stay home, take him to the library, and then wander Lowe's looking for new plants for the garden. I managed to get in both my workouts today and ate lunch without anyone talking to me. Glorious!