Things That Make Me Say Yay!

December 31, 2016

It's the last day of 2016. 

Seems like yesterday it was the last day of 1999, but who's counting. 

In the same token I keep seeing stuff about how bad 2016 was for everyone, it really wasn't for us. 2014 & 2015 were the bummers. This year, even with Jeremy's surgery, has been good. It's been a year of toddlerhood, finally fixing Jeremy's ears, and nothing that eventful in cancer land. Yes, my Dad's treatment has changed a bit due to cancer growth, but he's still hanging around and doing it well. It could always be worse. 

It will likely get worse one day, but this year wasn't as "worse" as it's been so let's just take it as it is. It could have been worse. 

In other news, the 20 bucks spent on this tent at Ikea was the best 20 dollars ever spent in our house. Harrison has basically taken to living in it as a second home. Money well spent for days of toddler fun. 

Fact, my hair is too thin for long hair so every few years I get sick of keeping up with the long haired Jones's and chop it all off. Only problem, I can't curl this mop to save my life. Shorter hair just makes me happier, bangs as well. Bangs cover up a lot of age. Primarily those forehead creases I've had forEVER! Dang being expressive. On the downside if I ever got botox I think it would be too obvious. Emily's face suddenly quit moving? That's unusual. 

Y'all, a winter garden is my jam. The lizard population is drastically decreased this time of year and it appears I can actually grow things. 

The funny part is the toddler than doesn't understand weeds vs. plants and has tried to pull up my beets more than one time. If I'm seen pulling weeds for more than a hot second he immediately starts digging and pointing at everything. 

If you follow us on Snapchat you would have seen him using a M&M Christmas Tree thing as a shovel this week. The carrots have begun having nightmares about that first 5 seconds of The Nutcracker song. 

Proof that I can do winter... which has been my beloved season for as long as I can remember... I actually have a growing plant.

I think I managed 2 tomatoes and maybe 3 zucchini this summer. The basil plant that needed little attention and actually preferred my neglect was the only thriving plant last season.

I can't quit dreaming of cauliflower roasted in nutritional yeast. I need more nutritional yeast.

To cap off today's post, here's a little funny situation that happened. 

Much like his mother, Harrison is a nudist toddler. Clothing and diapers are terribly constricting and have the potential to ruin a perfectly good naked day. 

He somehow convinced Jeremy to let him eat breakfast yesterday sans diaper. All was going well until I was getting dressed and heard Jeremy yell out "Harrison just R. Kelly-ed Ellie!" If you're at all familiar with the R. Kelly that Dave Chapelle made skits about, then you know that he had a penchant for peeing on people. Harrison did in fact pee on the dog. 

Which serves her right. She stands directly under him hoping for food at every meal. 

Now in the land of things that don't make me say yay, or any version there of. We had to get new appliances, but icing on the money draining cake was that the water line didn't work, so now we've got a few plumbers out today working on things. We should really consider standing on the corner and just writing checks to everyone. 😝