The Year Without a Christmas Card

December 18, 2016

This year has been good, but the past several weeks have been hectic. The plague hitting at Thanksgiving interrupted the usual Christmas pictures I drag everyone in the family out to do. 

There's just not taking what was our sick selves around the chemo patient. 

I'm noting to be responsible for a hospital visit. 

That then led to several Sundays of rain... and I can only shoot natural light. No big light set up here people. 

Then finally, FINALLY 👏  we had one pretty morning before church... and more important, before Jeremy's ear surgery. 

So this year's card is simply a blog card, because there was neither time nor extra money to send the suckers. Although I'm sure thanks to use our amazing ENT can send holiday cards. 😂

It only took 3 rounds with the camera propped up on a stool & a bible with the cover taped down, and the self timer to get one picture we could live with. 

Let's also just be real honest with ourselves these days, toddlers don't photograph well. Especially a toddler in need of a haircut with his mother's yellow-olive Puerto Rican passed down skin tone. It lends itself to a jaundice look more often than not. 

Which, totally off topic, but that's exactly why you'll see me wearing cool tones and never a trace of yellow or orange. It makes me look sick. Even worse our school color is orange. Notice the blue red on me doesn't look bad on my skin, but the orange red on Harrison makes him look yellow. 

Say what you must, jewel and cool tones for life over here. 

While I'm way off Christmas card topic, Jeremy's surgery went really well. The trick will be to see how it looks in a few weeks when the packing is removed, and then for the next few months to find out how much hearing he regains. 

People often ask if this is something new, but it's a childhood problem that got progressively worse with age. By the time we got to surgery the left ear only had 20% of an ear drum and the right ear that we just worked on had 0%. Hence the constant need for cotton balls and non stop ear aches that no one can do anything about for years. 

I really think the craziest part of this whole thing is just what Jeremy is now able to hear that he couldn't before. For instance, he thought the washing machine was broken, nope that's just the noise it makes. He also realized just how shrill the baby is. It will be nice for him to be able to speak to people who don't speak loud and actually hear them. 

In case you're wondering the cause of the whole thing, the doctor told me Thursday that neither of his Eustachian Tubes work. He had tubes as a kid and some other junk that didn't work and just made this get way out of hand. Imagine 8 straight years of an ear ache. He's basically had an earache in one or both ears continually since we met. 

Anyway, that's basically a Christmas, life, and everything update. Which should also explain my absence last week. I'll be back Wednesday with the 200 Year Old Pound Cake recipe.