Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

December 3, 2016

Not long after moving into our house our neighbor gave us a bread machine she wasn't using. That old machine made me immediately look like super wife around here. I can bust out a loaf of bread in no time and the house smells amazing. 

Then I discovered it could make me look like a rock star baker with anything involving yeast and I really fell in love. 

Which brings me to yet another update to my cinnamon roll recipe... the bread machine version. 

Make note that these are not meant to be made immediately, I took two days, and the vast majority of that time was hands off. 

Why so much hands off rising time?

Well my love of Paul Hollywood lead me to the idea that a slow rise yeast was better, and let me just say that he was completely right. Allowing these to rise in the bread machine, rolling them out, and then allowing them to rise overnight in the fridge... then again when I let them come to room temp allowed me to get the best rise I've ever had on a bread. 

I've been converted people, no more fast rise bread. 

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

makes 16 cinnamon rolls
1 cup warm whole milk
2 eggs room temp
1/3 melted butter
4 1/2 cups bread flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 white sugar
2 1/2 tsp active dry yeast

1 stick of butter, melted
1 cup or more white sugar

2 1/4 cups powdered sugar
1/4 tsp maple flavored extract
1/4 cup milk
2 tbsp strong coffee 
2 tbsp melted butter
4 oz softened cream cheese

Place dough ingredients into the bread machine in the order listed. Be sure to keep the salt and yeast separate. I find that making a well in the center of the flour for the yeast works well for me. Set the bread machine to dough cycle and press start. 

Once dough has risen turn it out onto a floured surface and roll out into a large rectangle. Brush the top with melted butter, be sure to reserve a bit to butter your baking dish. Sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon generously over the dough. Roll the dough from the long side of the rectangle and slice using unflavored floss or a piece of thread. 

Place rolls into the buttered 13x9 baking dish, cover with cling film, and place in the refrigerator over night. 

The next day remove the rolls from the fridge and allow to rise again at room temperature, I let mine sit for several hours but less would be okay. 

Bake at 375 for 15 minutes. 

While rolls are baking beat together the frosting ingredients, adding more or less liquid to get the thickness your desire. 

Remove rolls from the over, frost, and enjoy! 

This recipe looks long because of all the ingredients and steps, but I made this without making a trip to the store and it probably come together with about 30 minutes total of my time. The bread machine really takes out the kneading time and allows you to looks like you did a lot more!