Friday Favorites?

December 10, 2016

On a Saturday? Yes. 
1. It's cold and there's nothing on earth that could beat that... besides snow. Snow would be nice. I'm really wanting to bribe my people into getting a cabin in the Ozarks next Christmas and hoping for snow.

2. After wanting a Kavu Rope Bag for years I finally broke down and bought one, it came in last night and I just want to pack it up and go somewhere just to use it. The main use is for works though, I needed something larger than my purse and smaller than my bag. Plus I'm a crossbody queen and you'll probably rarely if never see me carrying a designer type bag. Hippie bags for life people, just toss in a few Lara Bars and we are game. Sadly the Garden Rose pattern I had my heart set on is no where to be seen so I settled on Fable.

3. I haven't forgotten about the cake series... it's just be a procrastination coming type of event. This weekend I'm testing out a 150 year old recipe and will be surely posting it Wednesday or Thursday. Here's your hint, I have a pound of just about everything. 

4. Korean beauty products. Who's tried them? After the great Hand Foot Mouth plague of 2016 I got my hands on the Baby Feet foot peel to speed up my foot peeling situation, it worked like a charm and I can now say if I ever get a pedicure again it will simply be just for the foot rub. 

If you follow me on SnapChat (@labride) I posted another one I tried this week. I would like to get more products from the Milky Piggy line to try, but so far I'm liking the Collagen Jella Pack. It's a sleep mask that if I read correctly is made from pig collagen. Not exactly PETA approved, but I don't really care what goes on my face if in 10 years I don't look like a wrinkled up old bag. Say no to tanning beds, after doing this high tech facial thing this past summer and the lady showing me what my sun spots would like like in a few years thanks to whatever imaging that machine had it's safe to say I highly regret every minute in the sun I ever spent. My close friends can tell you the words "I told you so" has left there mouths many times concerning me and sunscreen. I've had more than one burn that I whined about for days. 

5. Any old bloggers out there remember the Not Me Monday posts from McMamma? I'm feeling like that needs to come back. I've been a Not Me Mama quit a ton lately. Maybe we'll have a Not Me Tuesday. There's a reason why I didn't have a girl, I'm not a details person. I'm really hoping that God sees fit to keep the boys coming, please don't make me have to figure out hair. That's why mine is so simple. I'll do one Not Me and then I'm signing off to finish cleaning before the child awakes. 

 - I did not take my child out into public with crazy hair. He didn't have a rat's nest that would make a professional stylist cry and his hair surely wasn't bothered by the cold weather and straighten out halfway down his back causing a rat's nest on the top/party in the back mullet combo. It wasn't even remotely embarrassing and I didn't spend the entire outing trying to finger combo that mess, praying that no one assumed my no-makeup-sweat-pant-self was a neglectful mother. Nope not me.