Healthy Tailgating Snacks

November 7, 2015

My favorite recipes have been my Cocoa Roasted Almonds and the Spicy Ranch Almonds. (click the name to get to the recipe)

 Both of those recipes are insanely easy to make and require very few ingredients. You can even use the same premise for the Spicy Ranch Almonds and make my Spicy Ranch Crackers, but I'll warn you now that they are very addicting. 

Another favorite nut based snack I've been loving, that I will admit my husband won't be jumping up and down for are my almond butter dates. These came about when I was dying for something sweet one night, all you do is simply cut a slit in your date and fill it with a bit of your favorite almond or peanut butter. You could even use prunes for this if you are trying to up your fiber intake.

I'm also a dip fiend, two of my favorites are my Skinny Corn Dip and Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip, I typically serve them with corn chips, but to make it even lighter you could serve it up alongside bell pepper strips, cucumbers, or celery. Even some whole wheat crackers would be good. 

The main love of my life, even more than dips, is some yummy dessert concoction. I really can't name a dessert I don't like...except for mint chocolate anything... but that's another story for another day. 

 Here are a few favorites from the archives: Peanut Butter Pumpkin Brownies, Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding (make individual servings in plastic cups), Paleo Chocolate Macaroons, Paleo Chocolate (you can add anything into this you like). 

 Of course we wouldn't be living in the South if there wasn't a plentiful supply of sweet tea on hand, my favorite recipe involves a touch of almond. I've made my Almond Iced Tea many times for many occasions and people always love it. 

 Now I'd love to hear from you, what are you favorite tailgating (or tailgating at home) snack ideas? Be sure and stop by for a tons of healthy tailgating ideas