31 Days - Healing Balm

October 17, 2015

There's something I'm learning this year about 31 Days, doing it with a full time job and a baby + other commitments just doesn't make time for anything extra.

Hence the blog silence so many days.

However, today I'm sharing a favorite crunchy something I keep in my desk at work.

This "healing balm" as I've been calling it has begun to live in my desk at work. 

You see, dealing with the amount of paper I touch in a given day as a teacher means my hands are always dry and constantly riddled with paper cuts. 

Yes, thumbing through papers to grade, pass out, and copy all day causes dry hands. 

It was news to me when I started teaching 7 years ago. 

My skin already has a propensity of not healing quickly, I'll run around with a cut or bruise well past a week when other people seem to have them vanish in days. So my discovery that this little jar of goodness speeds up my skins ability to heal makes me all the happier. 

Here's my little recipe for quick healing hand happiness. 

Healing Balm

1/2 tsp of vitamin e oil 
1 drop Thieves essential oil (I use Eden's Garden)
1 drop Lavender essential oil
1 drop Tea Tree Oil
Coconut Oil
- A small container that holds roughly an ounce

Combine vitamin E and essential oils in container, add in enough coconut oil to fill up container. Mix to combine. Smear a small bit on your hands and cuticles as you would lotion. 
*Note - it might be easier if you mix the coconut oil in when it's at a liquid state and allow the mixture to harden in the refrigerator. I mixed it with hard-ish coconut oil and it wasn't the easiest to combine at first.