31 Days - Baby Wearing

October 15, 2015

If you've seen me in the past 7 months there's a good chance you've seen me with a baby attached to the front of my body.

It's actually made me decide that come #2 (or as Honest Toddler calls it - Infant Sibling Disease) I'm adding a few more carriers to my collection.

I actually wear Harrison most of the day on Saturday between grocery shopping and cleaning. Let's face it, after Mama's been gone all week she can only get things done if the baby is basically strapped to her body.

When Harrison was little, see also under 14 pounds, I wore him in the Baby Bjorn. This particular carrier was a great starter one in my opinion because it was well structured. The slings scared me a bit in the early months.

Once he started getting bigger I decided I needed something that displaced the weight better, Bjorn is great but it puts a lot of pressure on your back.

A good friend of ours actually found their Ergo and handed it down to us. That carrier is one that I will look forward to wearing come next child. You can't wear it until the baby is 4 months old and able to sit with their hips in a splayed out position though.

The Ergo though is heaven sent when it comes to weight distribution, I can wear him all day without it bothering my back, where the Bjorn started bugging me much sooner.

For infant number 2 I would like to get my hands on a woven wrap. I was advised by a mama of 5 that she liked the woven wraps better than a jersey like Moby because she felt it didn't stretch as much and held together better.

I'd also like a ring sling because I imagine I could nurse in it easily in public. I know people nurse in the soft structure carriers but I just can't figure out how to do it. It would be a hotter mess than I have time for, and I don't own a single "nursing" shirt.

Now, aside from what carriers I love and want to try, there are a few reasons I love baby wearing. Let's get to those >>>

- They cry less - What do they call it? The 5th trimester? Anyway, when babies first enter the world they want to be cuddled, it gives them a sense of comfort.

- I remember reading somewhere that it allows the baby to explore the world in a safe, comfortable place. Being so close to mom, or dad, allows the baby to observe and feel secure.

- Baby wearing helps baby develop his vestibular system and muscles needed to sit, stand, and walk.I noticed Harrison did well practicing holding his head up in the safety of the Bjorn carrier.

- If you're crafty enough you can nurse on the go.

Now some of my favorite tips come from the Boba website:

- prevents ear infections
-regulates body temperature
- enhances lactation
- reduces apnea
- stabilizes heart rate

Were you a baby wearer? What was your favorite carrier and what did you love most about baby wearing?