The Nursery

February 27, 2015

I've been meaning to share the baby's room, but in my pregnant fashion have procrastinated on it. So today, I'm sharing the completed thing... before Jeremy mounts the ugly monitor and the black out screen goes up.

Almost all of our furniture came from Ikea, I splurged on a few items though. 
The main thing was making this as cute as possible without it being overly expensive. 
I'll point out the non-Ikea items as we wander through.

The rocker/glider came from Babies R Us. I was nervous about how it would turn out, but I really like it. I also wanted to get some sort of poof instead of the ottoman that came with it but never landed on anything I loved. 

The giraffe came from Pottery Barn. As a kid I always wanted one of the huge stuffed animals from Toys R Us and Mom would never spend that insane amount on it... so I did all these years later. 

And to clarify... it's not the baby's ha! 

Also, here's the name. 

I didn't plan to not share it the entire pregnancy, but as a blogger you constantly get judged for under or over sharing. This was just one of those things that I'd talk about in person, but I still haven't plastered to Facebook or IG. I just haven't felt the need. 

The bedding, oh the bedding! 

This is the Harper Collection from Pottery Barn.
I wanted something neutral so that when we do have baby #2 I don't have to buy all new everything. 
This definitely fell in the splurge category. 

The bookshelf was all Jeremy. I showed him a photo from Pinterest that I liked and he just ran with it, the shelves are photo ledges from Ikea. Now this is where it pays to be a teacher, I've been hoarding Scholastic points for years and spent them all on baby books. 

Didn't even have to pay shipping! 

The little wooden toys you see around the nursery, as well as any stuffed animals also came from Ikea. They really have some cute classic items in the kids section right now.

The lamp is a Target lamp that I found at Dirt Cheap for literally 1/3 of the cost. 
I'm just about positive though that the clock from Ikea is my favoite item in the entire house.

The classic Winnie the Pooh prints came from Etsy, I can't remember the seller. 

I'm not one for "themes" in the sense that everything is matchy matchy. I just wanted something classic looking, nothing dated. A lot of the baby bedding these days just turns me off, I can't stand how characters are drawn now, even in children's books. 

Some more of Jeremy's project, I kid you not he wouldn't let me come into the nursery until he had his bookshelf set up. I do love what he decided to do with the rabbit and wooden cars though!

Ellie has decided she likes to hide under the baby bed. 
This old lady is going to have a come to Jesus moment if she thinks she's pulling that at night and waking him up. 

Ole Rocky Joe! 
I got this rocking horse when I was about 18 months old from a craft fair. Mom said she wanted a natural stained one, but I refused to get off of the blue horse. There are dozens of pictures of me on this horse, nearly rocking it over at our fishing camp. 
I just hope this little boy loves it as much as I do. 

My suggestion for a middle name was Thomas, my grandfather's father and brother were both Thomas. His brother being Reuben Thomas. 

Reuben actually died when he was 6, I'm not sure of what but Pop recalls him being extremely yellow for about two weeks before he died. These were the toys of his that my grandfather kept, and since I was little and was told about Reuben I have loved that the piggy bank still has the money it in Reuben was collecting. Nothing taken out or added since he died in the early 50's. 

I'm a huge antique buff, my great grandfather was a picker and many of the pieces we have came from his shop. So these children's toys, much like all the other pieces in or home have a story behind them. They belonged to real people who we really knew. 

I'm just hoping our next child is a girl so I have someone to adore all of our antique pieces with. 

So, that's the nursery! 
Pretty soon there will be more than a rotten dachshund in there.