35 Weeks

February 10, 2015

It appears I've become slightly more than awful at blogging aside from meal plans the the weekly bump updates. I just keep telling myself it's a season that will pass. 

Then that recipe of Nanny's for beer bread I've been wanting to jump into will happen.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: Baby H is the size of a bunch of carrots/coconut
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and bras, and Piko tops. Plus whatever of Jeremy's that fits. Support belt and compression stockings have become a must... and not a wrist thing for carpel tunnel. It pays to have girlfriends having babies at the same time. 
Gender: Boy
Movement: All the time, in a slight Alien vs Predator way. 
Cravings: Ice cream, but that isn't really a pregnancy craving. That's called I'm alive aren't I.
What I miss: Coughing without slightly wetting my pants. Over sharing, yes. But let's be real. 
Highlight this week: I'm totally caught up on thank you notes, just need to stamp and mail the last batch. We also had our first baby class tonight - Preparing for Childbirth. Tomorrow we will start the weekly appointments and I have a breastfeeding class that night. The nurse mentioned using tennis balls for massage during labor, it might not be safe to have them in the room if Jeremy makes another joke about how she said birth was like running a marathon... and he has in fact run a marathon. He said I should just keep that in mind during labor. He may get a tennis ball embedded into his mind with that nonsense! Ha!

Also, this pregnancy induced carpel tunnel is a beast.