37 Weeks

February 25, 2015

Full term. And it's my 29th birthday. 
I'd call this a busy week.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of baby: Baby H is the size of a honey dew melon
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and bras, and Piko tops. Plus whatever of Jeremy's that fits. Support belt and compression stockings have become a must... and not a wrist thing for carpel tunnel. It pays to have girlfriends having babies at the same time. 
Gender: Boy
Movement: All the time 
Cravings: Ice and sweets 
What I miss: Sleeping without pain, my skin can stretch no more!
Highlight this week: Not really a highlight, but my blood pressure is still too high. They had me hook up to the monitors for 20 minutes to check to make sure it wasn't bothering the baby and turns out the pain I've been feeling is contractions. Go figure lol!

We celebrated my birthday early yesterday and stopped by Dairy Queen for an ice cream cake. The girl asked if we wanted anything written on it and I said no. Jeremy responded that it was for me anyway. So I told the clerk that if we were to write anything it would be "don't touch this while I'm in the hospital!"

I might hurt someone who tries to come between my and my cake these days lol!