Insta-Video Wednesday :: Royal Baby Edition

July 24, 2013

I started to think I had made a single Instagram video this week, until I realized I was compulsively videoing the royal baby footage!

Seriously y'all, I've always been royal obsessed... and honestly I didn't like Kate when they were dating. Probably some deep down desire to marry him myself ha! But no, love them.

I absolutely adore the fact that she wore blue with white polka dots just like Diana did with William, super sweet.

Since I'm closer in age to Harry, I feel like I missed all the Diana hoopla at this point in her marriage, I didn't become wildly obsessed with her until the early 90's when I was a little girl. Now though, I just desperately wish I could fly to England on a whim to see all the fun in action.

Here are the rules ::
-link up a blog post or your IG account
-follow a few new Instagram-ers
-like their videos
-have fun!

Now it's your turn!