Wedding Trend I'm Loving :: Unfrosted Cakes

July 18, 2013

I've skimped back on wedding posts since we've been married... and it's been 4 years so the posts are fewer and farther between. However, with all the great wedding trends floating around the web I just have to jump in and talk about one in particular today.

If I could undo one aspect of my wedding and take photos all over again, I'd have an unfrosted wedding cake.

I just love the look of the browned white cake edges with frosting peeking out, and dusted with powdered sugar. 

I love this idea so much that I have a birthday cake idea for Jeremy this year that will likely look similar to this. 

Roses and Strawberries at Sunset by April, see more Minted
Roses and Strawberries at Sunset board by April. See more Minted

How do you like the cake above with the jam sticking out? This would be a great way to incorporate a wedding color, just pick a jam that goes along with your theme. 

This Momofuku Milk Bar cake from Real Simple is definitely interesting. Even though it is a naked cake, it has it's edges smoothed over to give the icing a more polished look. Granted the sprinkle cake colors aren't my thing, but it could easily fit into a outdoor, vintage-y, hip wedding. 

I love that this cake incorporates what I like from the Momofuku cake with the polished edges, but adds in the pearl bead piping with a pretty floral topper for a great traditional look. 

I love this chocolate cake! If I were to use this as a grooms cake I wouldn't necessarily put flowers on it, but berries would look beautiful and not make the cake overly feminine. 

Girly-ness seemed to be something Jeremy battled against at our wedding. His cake wasn't girly and large, and it certainly wasn't a dead animal or sports cake, but he did get his say in on a few wedding aspects. 

Lastly, I leave you with this pretty naked cake that would be great for a fall wedding. 

This apple cake really makes me think a peach one for a spring/summer north Louisiana wedding would be divine. I say north LA simply because of Ruston's Peach Festival. 

But seriously, this cake, gorgeous! 

What do y'all this of this naked wedding cake trend? 

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