Hight 5 For Friday

July 26, 2013

This week has been uneventful, or at least I didn't take as many pics on IG as I normally do. 

Either way I'll tell you one thing I did learn this week, I will never in my life use a Teachers Pay Teachers paid thing again. I bought a calendar pack, $5, not biggie. But after going on a hunt for the paper I needed, magnets, twine, and it sucking the ink out of two sets of printer cartridges... heck no, never again. 

I could have bought a premade at the Teacher Depot for a fraction of this price. 

Cheaper, in your dreams. 

I sure hope these kids appreciate it, or it will be a collassal waste of time and money. 

Now for High Five for Friday!

1. I've come to realize we have a butter issue at our house. I prefer the vegan stuff that Jeremy and my mother complain about it not melting right, Jeremy likes Country Crock. I'm not buying Country Crock, I'd rather use real butter. So the middle ground, Brummel and Brown and a pack of real butter.

Does anyone else have a butter debate or is this just us?

2. Praise the good Lord for letting us live close to a Johnny's again! I think he knew 2 years of no Johnny's Pizza was enough to break up a marriage, just kidding. But really, all of my favorite dates were Johnny's date nights, we both love their pizza and have a system for splitting a Party Pizza that makes us both happy.

Other pizza places are just disappointing.

3. The royal baby was born! Whoop whopp! George Alexandar Louis, not my first pick, but I totally ge it. He will eventually be King George the 7th. If I were a roman numeral gal I would write it correctly, but I'm not, so we'll leave it at that.

Jeremy has always thought my royal obsession is bizarre, I think the rest of my family is totally use to it after 25+ years of it. I just love the history behind the aristorcratic families in Europe.

4. That salad I posted the other day, it's week two of straight salad and I can't get enough of it.

5. Teacher workshops are underway and I am not at all mentally ready for a new school year. I could happily live in an eternal summer. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is my 5th year and that means at the end of this I get my loan forgiveness for working in Title 1 schools all this time. Plus we are planning on having as much of the student loans paid off as possible this school year, ideally mine will be gone when Jeremy's come up in a year and a half.

Can I get a TGIF from everyone?

Yay for Friday!!