When all else fails...use bullet points.

January 10, 2013

I am straight post-less at the moment. Let's do a bullet point catch up.

- Praise the good Lord for the rain...the family night thing at school was cancelled today. This has been an awfully busy week, any unexpected downtime is greatly welcome. 

- I do not for the life of me understand Influenster. I've been on the sight. Wrote reviews. Taken surveys. What on earth causes your score to go up? Someone explain this to me! It just seems like a mecca for narsistic hipsters to tell people what they should and shouldn't like. Then again...I did sign up. So I won't bash the hipsters on there all that much. They apparently will send you a Vox Box to review...but you aren't guaranteed one, and who knows how you get one. Maybe I should just stick to the social media I know and love (is that the first sign of a dead blogger?)

- I've been sticking to doing yoga daily pretty well...the dogs on the other hand. Ha! The girls are skating by on the fact that it is raining and no one wants to walk a low-to-the-ground weenie dog in the rain. I might as well rub mud on them and call it a day. 

- For all you 4th grade teachers in the glorious state of Louisiana we now have 40 school days until Phase 1 of the LEAP. No lie, a friend of mine did a dark chocolate run for a few of us the last hour of school (they store that stuff up in the office). I am going to need someone to take me out with a taser soon. I'm starting to hit the point of "Do they get this? Let's try something else?" No lie, mid lesson if I don't think what I am doing is working I start searching lessons on the Smart Exchange. Sometimes it helps. 

- Speaking of planning lessons. I am horrible at remember if I already have a SmartBoard lesson on a specific subject. I feel like I teach much better flying by the seat of my pants than really planning, but that changes from year to year. I've kinda learned to just "take the temperature" of the class and judge where we should go from there. By the way...rain does wonders for kids. Especially when you have inside recess for days on end. 

- 1 more year until I get loan forgiveness (for teaching). 

-With that said, I think I want to be a flight attendant. The Department of Education has nothing to do with that job. 

-Today is a certain little person's 3rd Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Joshua, I know you can't read and only know how to point to videos on YouTube...so an internet birthday wish doesn't work. But I love the little guy anyway:) I took this pic of him at Easter...which is why his hands are dyed all sorts of colors ha!

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