Teacher Style -- Confessional

January 31, 2013

I had a bit of a revelation the other day, I've been wearing the same type of outfit for four years now. 

Behold! Emily's teacher uniform:
 Or the alternate:
I have a ton of cute clothes, but nothing I want to wear to work. Being up, down, and all around...plus outside duty with 4th graders just doesn't justify chic clothes. My first year I wore more wedges and cute tops, I even wore makeup! These days I wear makeup, but just eye concealer, blush, BB Cream, and sometimes mascara. I live for comfort and optimal sleep and rarely pull out the beloved button downs I so lovingly collected my first year of teaching. 

And I'm not gonna lie, a few times this year I have been in a "bra burning" mood and wore a sports bra with a sweat shirt and a cute scarf to dress it up.

1) because it is freezing in my class
2) because I felt like it

To be even more honest...it is so stinking cold in our school that many a days I can be seen sporting a school tee with my wanna-be Northface jacket zipper nearly all the way up. 

Cute -- hardly

Passable -- it works

What are your work clothing confessions?