Birthdays & Cousins

January 15, 2013

This past Saturday we took little dude to Alexandria to celebrate his birthday. Let's face it, Vidalia isn't the most happening place for little kid excitement, much less any other excitement. So the three four of us headed off to take Joshua on a birthday fun adventure. If you ever drive into town from the Jonesville direction you have passed this pawn shop a million times, oddly enough that is where they film Cajun Pawn. Alexandria is just a cajun as Vidalia...meaning none at all. 
We originally planned on taking Josh to Chuckie Cheese, but decided it would be more fun to just hang out at Chick-fil-a for an hour or two and a half. Josh was funny about it though, he wouldn't go into the plastic tube slide thing, he just stood at the entrance waving at the kids as they went in. When I told him to go in, about 45 minutes later, he told me "Not while those guys are in there!" Can't blame him though, I wouldn't have either. 

 Afterwards we headed to Aunt Billie's to visit. My Aunt Billie is actually my great aunt, she is my Nanny's younger sister (out of 6 kids). I absolutely adore the woman, she is about as southern as it gets and as sweet as can be. I really don't know of a soul who could say something negative about her or Nanny. Since Nanny died I love visiting Aunt Billie even more, her mannerisms are so much like my grandmother's that it gives me an odd sense of comfort. They seriously sound the same, look a lot alike, and even dress very similar. You have to give them credit, they never dressed like "old women", then again I've never viewed them as that. They just seem like a couple of seasoned southern women with good advice who genuinely love you. 

 It was so nice to spend the afternoon sitting in Aunt Billie's living room visiting everyone, or most of everyone. These past few years we don't get the chance to see each other like we did. No sooner did my cousin Brittany move to Monroe for college did we move. *sad face*

Even more fun was that we got to hang out with all the great grandbabies. Brandi's girls are adorable, and her oldest Brylee just cracks me up. That little girl seriously inherited the strong willed nature of the women in our family. She is a funny thing! You'll be able to tell by the pic of Brandi and I, but the girl is tall. Brylee got every bit of that, she is a solid year younger than Joshua and they are the same size. The newest babe in the family, Braelyn, is to die for. 

Can we just stop and take a minute to wonder what happened to 1995? When did we get old enough to have children around here people!
 Joshua was smitten with Braelyn...until she drooled. He made sure we knew "She's dripping!" Laura baby hogged the whole time, it is important to remember that she never held a child until she was with child. Home girl was not a baby person until the past three years. Now she won't let me take babies. I use to be that baby hog people! I'm surprised she didn't try to put the little thing in her purse and run off.
Brylee was off playing and running up and down the hall most of the time. At one point she came in wearing a tiara. Pure girl. That isn't something you see much with a little boy, Joshua just doesn't care much for princesses. 
I feel like such a goob asking someone to take my picture, but the girls aren't little forever and I rarely have proof that I was present anywhere. Just look back through this blog....I appear to stalk people. Rarely is my picture taken. As far as anyone knows Jeremy went to Italy with a photographer. Point being, I made Laura take a pic of Brandi and I with the girls. Out of a million this is the best we got. I was talking, the girls were looking away...and Brandi held her smile the whole time. She's good like that ha! 
After we left Joshua kept telling us he liked the girls, listening to a 3 year old try to say names is hilarious. When we left he said "Bye Aunt Bee-eee!" After a few minutes of talking about the girls he said "Are we going to see Reid now?" 

Nope, sorry son, we aren't driving to the other end of the state tonight to play. 

At least he loves his cousins. 

It's safe to say he had a good birthday:)