What's in your bag // Teacher Bag Edition

January 18, 2013

I'm always interested in what others keep in their purses and tote bags, and no I don't dig in them. But I'd like to. Here is a little peak into what I carry to work (school) with me every day minus the lunch box. 

I was carrying a tote I got at a Minister's Wives retreat, but decided it didn't have enough pockets. I also have a Gussy bag, but love it too much to stuff it into my drawer at work, so lately I've been carrying Vera. Honestly, I love Vera Bradley totes and purses more than a lot of other brands, and it is rare that I will spend over $25 on one without a discount, but Vera is worth it. This particular tote was part of my graduation present from my Aunt Billie when I graduated oh...9 years ago. It was part of a set with the makeup pouch and umbrella, sadly the umbrella was sucked over the side of the bridge while I was walking to work during Hurricane Katrina. Why I chose to walk to work during a hurricane you ask? I had a good parking spot at the dorms, I would swim to work to keep a good spot ha!

1. Pony Tail holders  2. Flash drive full of things I need to upload to Teachers Pay Teachers. 3. Tea, because I am trying to not drink as much coffee these days. 

4. iPhone with Otter Box  5. dental floss  6. Bath & Body Works Handi Bac in Fresh Lemon, I love their Kitchen Lemon and Fresh Lemon. Sadly I'm far too allergic to wear anything too heavily scented often. 7. Vera Bradley mini wallet with my keys attached  8. Pier One zippered pouch  9.Pumpkin Seeds  10. Erin Condren Planner  11. Kelly Minter's Nehemiah Study, I shouldn't do it at work, but I carry it around everywhere in case I have a chance to do it...and sometimes I need the mental break during planning. 12. some old peppermint
 13. bobby pins  14. Ear plugs, because you just never know when you'll need them.  15. Sea-Bands, great for nausea. I wear them every time we travel and when I just don't feel too hot. No time for sickies at work. 16. Lady items...the best tampons on earth. Playtex Sport. 17. An old Advil bottle full of Ibuprofen. 18. Oral Gel from when I had my teeth cleaned and they were sensitive...in July. I don't clean this pouch often. 19. Mucinex
 20. More tea and Nectresse (sugar from Monk Fruit) 21. Allergy medicine. 22. Trident White Gum 23. Pill box I borrowed from Mom and never gave back, I during the day it has Raspberry Keytone, Royal Jelly, Saffron Extract, B12, a Multivitamin, and Flaxseed Oil in it. To say I love supplements and homeopathic medicine is an understatement. 24. Vaseline Lip Therapy 25. Computer cord for my iPhone. It doubles for if it is dying on me or if I need to take pics of kids and send them in for the year book.  26. Pens. 27. Pier 1 Imports Paper Soap

What do you keep in your bag for work?