& the stockings were hung by the TV with care in hopes that the weenie dogs don't knock them down.

November 13, 2012

This past weekend I got a chance to start decorating. It seems so early, but I just can't help myself. We spend the actual holiday out of town so it is nice to have it up early so we can enjoy it. If it were socially acceptable I would leave it up all year, but it's not so I won't. 

Apartment decorating has been interesting. My townhouse in Monroe had a large enough living room and a cathedral type ceiling so I had a big live tree, the house we had in Monroe was the same...with out the high ceiling. Our first couple of years together we went all out with a live tree, but in this tiny space it just doesn't seem doable. 

Instead of buying more Christmas stuff every year, like I would love to do, I am just using what I have from my purple, red, and gold tree in Monroe. My mom gave me a table top tree and I added a big bow with some of my medium sized ornaments. Over the cabinets I placed my huge glitter ornaments in my server ware and attached deco mesh to two of my strands of lights. This year, thanks to Pinterest, I found something else to do with my extra ornaments...I strung (is that the right word) them through a thin ribbon and used them as garland over our living room window with another strand of lights. 

Instead of our stocking being hung by the chimney with care like they were in the past, they are hung on the dresser the tv sits on with hopes they don't fall off. 

I plan to go pine cone hunting this week and paint a few pine cones to place in bowls with ornaments to make a decorative table scape. If I can get my hands on some burlap and red paint I want to make a table runner too. We shall see.

How do you decorate small spaces for the holidays?