My Favorite Hair Care Products for Softer Hair

November 3, 2012

I am always on the hunt for any hair care product that is going to make my locks softer and shinier, and most importantly...cut down on split ends.

My hair is a mix of brown and blonde, and the blonde tends to break easily. I've also never died my hair, I am terribly afraid that if I do I would lose my natural highlights forever. When I start to see gray though I plan to become blonde, yeah I know it's a big difference. But it seems like something fun to do

Back to hair care

I have finally got this mop long like I like it again, and while I love means more maintenance. Plus I hate spending the money on getting it cut, so it is super important that I baby it so that it will last me for as long as possible. I tend to only schedule hair cuts once it looks like it needs it, stylists to like to schedule on a regular basis drive me insane. Sometimes my hair lasts a few months, sometimes not. I never know and I like to push it to the very end to save $$.

With that said below is a list of my favorite products, two of my most favorite, and my strange hair upkeep tips.

1. Fantasia P.M. Night Time Oil Treatment - I use this at night to soften my hair and give back some oil that I lost during the day from styling. What I do is spray about 6 pumps into my hand and rub it into the ends (everything that hangs below my head) and the heavily styled areas like my bangs. You can put a night cap on if you are worried about getting oil on your pillows, but I haven't noticed any on mine. I tend to put my hair into a bun afterwards and pin back my bangs to keep the oil from getting everywhere and on my face in particular.

2. One 'N Only Argan Oil - a few years back the Moroccan Oil fad kicked in and I found this beauty at Sally's. Y'all know I am cheap, I spent maybe $9 on it, I couldn't bare to spend the $20. I use this in the morning after washing my hair while it is still wet. I put a small dot in, rub my hands together, and run it through the ends of my hair. I have to be careful because it can easily make me look super greasy, or more like my hair never dried.

3. I also use HaskPlacenta Henna 'n Placenta hair mask every other week. The day of my hair is usually a little off, but the next day it is amazing. I suggest using it when you won't be in need of nice hair.

4. Now this is my odd habit that people always look at me funny when I do it, I take my hair cutting scissors and cut off only the individual split ends. I look like a nut case doing it, but in the right light it will make a big difference in my hair's condition. 

What are your favorite hair products and tricks?