We don't throw bugs away around here, we just leave a note so you don't touch it.

August 11, 2012

If you ever needed to know one thing about me as a person the most important thing would be that I love barbecue. [okay maybe it isn't the most important thing] Like LOVE it! 

Monroe was full of great BBQ places, my hometown has an awesome one, and my in-laws live in Tennessee so I was always within arms reach of BBQ until we came here. To good ole fried or boiled swamp land. There isn't a single barbecue place in Thibodaux. Not one!

When I lived in Monroe I was ever so faithful to BBQ West. They knew me by name and never asked what I wanted...they already knew. Pig Out Inn in my hometown was the same way. I use to eat BBQ at least once a week, if not twice, and smoke my own meat when I could in between. I love it so much that Jeremy proposed to me with a quarter chicken from BBQ West and we served Pig Out Inn at our rehearsal dinner. 

You can understand my disappointment when moving here.BBQ is about the only reason I am not a vegetarian. 

I got word from my cousin that Big Mikes in Houma was good...and that BBQ actually existed here. So when Jeremy told me Thursday we were going on a date to get BBQ you can imagine my happiness. 

**sidenote: I need to start doing restaurant reviews on here for the bbq places we go to. 
First off the atmosphere at Big Mikes is great. I loved the seating and the live band was killer. The woman playing bass really impressed me, she sounded just as good as the best men I've heard. Not to sound sexist, but you just don't see women playing bass a whole lot. 
I should have taken a pic of the food before it disappeared. I ordered my usual when trying a new place, chopped pork with bbq beans and coleslaw. I would have gotten potato salad but Jeremy did. The beans were good, but not the best I've had, same for the other sides. The pork was amazing though! Aah-mah-zing. I love good smoked pork with burnt bits all over it Jeremy has the tri-meat plate and got ribs, brisket, and sausage. His was good, but I really preferred the pork. And as usual in all Southern establishments they had great sweet tea. 
If you are in Houma anytime and want something that isn't down right Cajun I would go here. The local food really is good, it is the vast amount of chains around these parts that I dislike so much. After dinner we hit up Dairy Queen, they closed the one in Thib so Jeremy was planning this when he saw it from the red light haha! Then again it is hard to beat Dairy Queen ice cream. 

I've started working on a few anchor charts for my classroom. I want to eventually have one for all of our strategy skills plus anything else I think the kids will benefit from staring at. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas for these. I got this particular one from there and tried to copy it verbatim. What I plan to do is use this when I introduce our skill on Monday and leave it up all week so that when the kids are looking around the room reading things they are being reinforced with the skill for the week. And we all know how much kids look around, might as well be something that is attention grabbing and cute so they can remember it. All I have left to do for this one is to color in my little drawings.
We went by the church this even after picking up a few things at the store for breakfast in the morning and I saw this when I walked out of Jeremy's office. I am assuming his oddness is why he gets along so well with kids ha! Men are so goofy. 
At the moment I am making Parmesan Chicken Bake and Ranch Sweet Potatoes. We shall see how these turn out. I got the potato recipe from Kelly on Twitter earlier and the chicken from Pinterest. If it is super good I'll share the recipe. 

What is your favorite Pinterest recipe so far?