Another Tennessee Update

August 5, 2012

*sorry for the crazy picture order in advance, remember people I'm phone blogging from the backwoods:)

We've had a fun few days here, sadly we have to drive home today and I go back to work tomorrow. But don't even get me started on work, I'm less than thrilled about the school year starting.

On a happy, non school thinking note, yesterday was Jeremy's birthday! Happy birthday babe:) I love you even though you were the cockiest Yatzee player ever! No joke he beat everyone at everything yesterday, birthday luck. Other that trash talking the entire family yesterday we also went to a great flea market, hit up the Amish grocery store, and smoked I think every meat in a 200 foot radius of the house. That almost included a turkey and rabbit because they stepped a tiny bit to close.

I don't know of anyone else has experienced this problem, but I think I love the Amish more than they love me. I'm so intrigued and maybe a bit envious of their lifestyle. I'd love to live in the country growing everything under the sun and raising a few chickens. Every time I go in Yoder's grocery store I am dying to come out with a new BFF and it never happens. I just leave with a fried pie and more amazing things than you can imagine.

But I digress.

Like I said yesterday was Jeremy's day that we were tolerant of his game playing attitude. But Friday was a totally different day. We were crazy lazy, we didn't leave the house until 2 . Terrible! However when we finally did we went to the Jack Daniel's Distillery.

I was with a group of guys and downtown Nashville or a plantation house weren't winning.

I sort of dragged my feet, but for a free tour it was awesome. Never in my life have I been on such a nice free tour. They took us all over the factory and to the spring explaining the entire process. It was neat to see all of that in person.

I'm a dork though, I'd be just as happy watching people make bread of they had a good back story.

Interesting enough the distillery is in a dry county, they can't technically sell whiskey there. Also, it will be a few pics down, but Jack died from kicking a safe. When he kicked it he hurt his toe, which got infected and eventually caused his leg to be amputated. Which eventually led to more infection and death. All from kicking a safe. Aren't you glad medicine has gotten so much better! Crazy.

So tell me, what is your favorite free tour and where was it? You know, so the rest of us can go.