How to Have it Together While Not Having Anything Together.

August 18, 2012

Hey y'all! I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. I know I was more than happy to have nothing on my plate today. It has been a week for sure. I have a few things I wanted to share before I go on my crazed cleaning frenzy today. I have been a bum since school started and have had zero energy for anything other than cooking and sleeping.  Let's just do a good ole bullet point to get this going...

- I found a great meal planning freebie printable from The Project Girl last week. Someone on Instagram had asked where I had gotten it so I thought I'd share it here. It was absolutely God sent for Wal-Mart, no joke we got out of there in half the time. I always make a list, but this helped me to organize my list better...and keep up with what I was cooking for the week after I bought everything.

- In an effort to stay afloat at work I found this cute printable to remind kids about testing strategies...and its a freebie too. You know I like free. I even enlarged it on my SmartBoard and it still looked great. 


- Col 4:6 is going to be my verse for this school year. I've written it on my desk, and am saying it constantly. I need it to sink in, in the worst way. It is going to be a rough year and  I have got to bring my A game to survive. They have already started observations this year and I flat out said I didn't want anyone in my room until October. I need that time to get procedures in order, and I am sure it will take that long. Which is funny because the administrator I said it to told me I was a great classroom manager, had she seen in at 2:30 yesterday she would have changed her mind. I totally lost it, at least mentally. I wasn't screaming but I felt like I was sinking. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't get anything to go how it needed to. I left so much work to be done because I simply couldn't stay in that building a minute longer. I had to come home. So if y'all think about me, pray for me. And I mean that in the most honest way possible. 

- All that to say I have an awesome husband. Even though I was beyond tired yesterday he drug me out to hang out with some old friends that just moved here. I completely forgot about everything that was plaguing me and talked with Jessica and played with their adorable baby. It really didn't hurt that Jessica's husband Michael cooked dinner, he is going to culinary school here starting this fall. The man made pulled pork tacos with raspberry chipotle sauce and cream cheese and his pulled pork corn chowder was amazing! I tried to convince him to food blog while he is in school, y'all would love him and his recipes. I swear they are such a fun couple, and I am so SO glad they moved here!

This morning when Jeremy and I actually got a chance to talk about how crazy yesterday was he listened and listened, and finally told me he knew a great intervention site that was aligned with Common Core and we would get on there later and pull some stuff. It definitely pays to be married to a school psychology graduate student. That was exactly what I needed was to vent and at the end be told we would find some interventions. Because at this point the good Lord knows I need an intervention too. 

I am going to back track a bit to the beginning of the post but...

What is your favorite meal?