Emotional Eating is Totally Acceptable During A Hurricane

August 31, 2012

A friend of our's sent this pic of the outside of our apartment today. No damage and my wreath is still in place, score! He said their fridge is still cold even though we've been without power for days. 

Very promising.

Apparently our grill didn't even budge. 

Just so we're clear.

When the Entergy outage map looks like this (all that red is no power):
And has for oh...3 days straight. It is totally acceptable to self soothe with this:

Call me a crazy, but I was so ahead of my game Saturday and made a huge trip to Sam's and Walmart and stocked us up like I do every few months. 

I'm talking about 20lbs of chicken and 6lbs of hamburger on top of our regular weekly eats. 

I spent about $200 between the two stores. 

And lest we not forget money doesn't flow freely here in "My husband is in graduate school land." 

It seriously makes me sick to my stomach to think about the amount of money going down the drain right now. The meat in the freezer usual lasts us about two months. That is two months worth of grocery money thrown to the wind. 

Jeremy isn't too worried about it. He seems to handle things well.

I on the other hand, as you have probably noticed from 4 years of blogging, am a worry wort. 

I am also a cheap-o and have to save money to make myself feel better. Essentially I am mentally preparing for some massive crisis. 

But Isaac, we didn't think it would be this bad. Then again this is our first hurricane living so far south. We didn't pack up the groceries and bring them with us, or put away the grill and other things laying around outside. I brought enough clothes for 3 days. And we only brought one car with us. 

How many days have we been evacuated? 


5 days. 

If they can get our power turned on early today I am hopeful our stuff will be okay. 

I just can't wrap my head around the idea that I would have to replace an entire fridge worth of food. If anyone knows how long an unopened packed fridge will last let me know. 

How were you effected by Hurricane Isaac?