River update-How's this effecting the cajuns?

May 14, 2011

As you have been able to tell my main focus all along has been Vidalia. It is my hometown. My family is there. And heck, I go there quite a lot. But once graduation is over and I pack up my car full of all my teacher junk we are heading south. Jeremy starts summer classes at Nicholls in June, we have a new apartment in Thibodaux, and I am teaching in Houma starting in August. so with the recent twitter updates from all the south Louisiana folks I follow Morganza has been a cause for concern. Maybe not for our specific apartment, but for all of the people down there who are being evacuated to save areas of Louisiana around the river.

Evacuation is not a "you maybe should pack up a few important papers" in St. Mary parish like it is in Concordia. Gov. Jindal (according to the Daily Comet in Thibodaux) has told these people to evacuate because the water IS coming. Recent reports have said Morganza will not open more then 22%, which is much less than the initial 50%. But regardless, people will lose their homes and be forced into shelters untill the water receeds. In addition to the 2,500 people who will be affected in the spillway, there are also 22,500 people and 11,000 structures that will be hit by the backwater. With that being said. These lower parishes are about to be hit HARD. Terrebonne parish and the Morgan City areas expected to receive the deepest water, 5-25 feet. Pray for these people. 

Now for a bit of a Vidalia update. As of 7am the river is currently at 60.26 feet, only a few feet short of hte predicted 64 feet that will hit by the 21st. It is absolutely amazing to me how you can basically watch the river rise. Now you see the riverfront, now you don't.
According to reports the Hesco instant levee containers are holding up well and water is able to be pumped out of the area before it becomes an issue. The evacuation level has also not been moved above a level 2. That is great news for many Vidalia residents, at least the ones who aren't panicking just for the sake of panicking. If it were up to my sister, my family would be gone. My Dad is only concerned his TV will be sacrificed to a gator...and his goldfish, can't forget those backyard goldfish haha! My mother on the other hand is taking this in a stride only true to a honest to goodness New Orleans born person. That is me and my sister's theory anyway. She doesn't see the need to move until they see the water rushing in. Got to love those south Louisiana folks, they don't leave home even when imminent danger like Katrina is coming. The 3 evacuation opinions floating around my parents house are quite comical. 

More comical is the fact that two days ago Laura (my sister) expressed her concern for Pop, our grandfather who lives right on the other side of the levee. Laura said she was concerned that Pop was more stubborn that Mom. To which I replied "Who do you think she got it from, these New Orleans people don't just jump ship." Now I personally don't think there is anything to really worry about, the Corp is doing everything they can and I trust our levee system. But the forty different kids of panic circulating around town is just plain funny. 

Until Jindal says get out, there is nothing you can do. Yes, water is high. But it will not spill over the levee, unless these people have totally miscalculated the river. Instead of focusing on yourself today, think about the thousands of cajuns who are losing their homes, crops, and are just plain being effected in some way by the flood waters. 

Now lets end with a map of just who will be seeing those lovely waters spilling from the Morganza ordeal.

If you look real close you will see that where we are moving is surrounded by water, but supposedly not going to be hit. Let's hope it stays that way Louisiana.