For the Love of Hats.

May 2, 2011

Unlike the majority of Twitter, I was not the most "in love" with Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Yes, I know I am days late blogging about this, but I have been BUSY. 

I really wanted to love this dress. I wanted to so bad I turned on the TV as soon as I woke up at 5:30am to see what it looked like. Now I like the dress, I wanted more poof. It just needed more fullness to me. But considering the pretty train I can get past the lack of poof. {not even a lot of poof...just a little more} I know the queen loaned the tiara to her, but it wasn't the prettiest of the tiaras I have seen over the years. Seriously, where was the Spencer family tiara when this was all happening?
I love this tiara, it was absolutely beautiful every time Diana wore it. I get that Kate is more understated...but ugh the modesty was killing me. I wanted poof and bling! 

Now lets get away from the negative and my unmet poof needs. How did y'all like the hats? The British are absolutely amazing when it comes to fashion. I have been royally obsessed since the early 90's, my mother has dubbed me an anglophile. I actually wore a big flower fascinator in my hair for my wedding, but really wanted to go huge feathers...sadly I was talked out of it by Nanny and Mom. 

Oh how I love a hair piece! With that being said I found out Philip Treacy was who designed many of the fascinators you probably saw while watching the wedding. I know for sure he designed Victoria Beckham's, it is in his Spring line if you look through his website. Here are a few of my favorite fascinators.

This is easily my all time favorite on Kate. Yes I know it is not wedding...but I love it.
Very interesting, but looks like she is being attacked.
I know you all have seen these, the blue one I can handle...but someone stop Beatrice! Is it a bow? It honestly reminds me of a mountain goat.
Here are two from the Treacy line. Love that color blue.

I am almost positive the blue is the Treacy Spring line, but it is too much for me. I really like the flower one behind though.
Like like:)
This is how the mother of the bride should look, lovely.
Finally, as much as I would love to hate on Camilla she actually looked very nice. I love her hate, and actually on one of the royal shows this past week I heard they intentionally wear hats the curve up so that you can see their {royalty} faces better. 

Seriously though, all MIL's, mother's of the bride, and step mothers of the whoever should take note of how these women dressed. The colors were perfect, understated, and yet still nice enough that you wouldn't cringe and whisper when they walked in. The whole wedding was lovely, traditional, and classic. Yes I was disappointed in the dress, but I still liked it. 

Now I am going to go do yoga {cause home girl has got to get in shape} and try yet again to convince Jeremy to move to England.