the great flood freak out of 2011

May 4, 2011

I don't know how many of you heard about the levee in Illinois being blown up to save Cairo. Yes, that is where we stand with the Mississippi River this Spring. Usually the river just floods the Old River area in Vidalia, but this year it is going full scale and it threatening to hit 65 feet by May 22. Holy moly! It got to 57 in 2009 and people were nuts...but this year is full blown crazy. 

We have not experienced this high of a river since the Great Flood of 1927.
So you can see how this is slightly upsetting people. Yesterday there was a city council meeting about the matter and today they are meeting at my home church of FBC Vidalia to have a Q&A session with the mayor. People are moving out of the town and heading for higher ground in Natchez. But there is only one problem with that...all of the rent houses in Natchez are taken and so is every storage unit from Natchez to Brookhaven. Bummer. 

I've heard of a few people heading to Monroe, but for my family that just won't work. My grandfather, mother, father, sister, and nephew live in Vidalia and we have no one to stay with in Natchez. My mother said today that they were told at school that if an evacuation is called during school they will have all students, teachers, and administrators board buses and go to Natchez. No one will be able to take their cars. 

My plan of action is for my family to pack up everything and come to Monroe, or we will get our apartment early and they can go to Thibodaux. I just wish there was someway for them to get their belongings out before the last minute...but with my Mom being a administrator at a junior high in our area she can't leave until school is cancelled. So what do we do? Move like most of Vidalia? Sand bag out selves silly?
Here is a picture of the river at 57 feet in 2008. Keep in mind the Isle of Capri Casino is in the river usually...but that is it, the whole ramp is on well as Silver Street.
Essentially there is no way to prepare for this. My family could move there things to my house...but what if the levee holds and it was a total waste of time. Or what is the levee holds and we get back water? There is no way to know what will happen, so all we can do it pray nothing happens.