May 25, 2011

I'm late putting this up, but my sister took forever getting me the pics. Sadly they didn't all come out. Oh well.
{me and jeremy}

{me and pop}

 {with mom}
 {dad, me, and the monster that kept yelling truck}
{me and Joshua the littlest of the crazy Cater's}

I wish I would have taken a pic without the motor board, no one looks good in those lame hats. Especially with my current hair situation ha! 

In case your looking at this and have no clue what I graduated in...I got my Master's of Arts in Teaching(hence the blue hood). My purple and blue cords are from Kappa Delta Pi, which is an educational honor society. Sadly my GPA was awesome(for the first time ever) and they don't announce graduate gpa's, or give up cords from the school. Sad face. We also didn't get hooded like I thought we would be. The Pharm D students got hooded...but ULM doesn't love us enough haha! 

Oddly enough watching the people in front of me get hooded (specialist, doctorate, and pharm d) made me want to go back to school. If I do though it won't be for any classroom teacher mess...I'd like to go back towards Psychology and maybe do Educational Diagnostician. Since doing that in psychology is so hard, education is the way to go. Same lovely schedule minus the classroom. But it will be a few years. I do need a slight break considering I have literally been in a classroom since I was 3 with no summer breaks through half of college. Seriously, 3 yr old preK to high school-then straight to college-the I graduated May 16, 2009 and started grad school June 7. This lady needs a slight break. 

What is your dream career?