{what's the baby doing}

September 10, 2010

Friday night Skyping with a baby. Sorry for the poor quality, I took pics with my phone and Laura's computer camera is not to great.
Not a very talkative Skype friend. Apparently it is acceptable to let your Aunt baby sit from 90 miles away!
Oh now I get to watch Laura eat a fajita. These people weren't good conversation. JBaby was also very irritated that Laura wouldn't give him her food, he kept reaching out and smacking the table.
What's that Laura? She kept complaining because I was taking pics of them.
Someone hasn't gotten the hang of conversations, turning around in your highchair while someone is talking to you is rude kiddo haha.
Oh Gigi is funny, and we are still not understanding that Meme is on the computer.
What do you do when the baby turns around, turn the baby around. Joshua just kept rattling his keys at the highchair bars like a happy little prisoner.
Oh someone got brave! This kid is going to be big trouble once he starts walking. 

Want to know what we talked about...nothing. I just watched the baby do weird things while Laura had her back to him. She never has been good at talking on the phone...so who would have ever guessed she'd be bad at talking on the computer haha. 

Happy Friday;)