Study Guides, Pens, and Weekend Plans

September 2, 2010

This is exactly how I felt today.
     I send home study guides...that are a bit to close to the test for my taste. I don't exactly feel like it is my fault if  kids don't tell their parents they got one. So all you parents out there...ask your kid what is going on before you jump your kids teachers case. I just don't appreciate having to waste my planning period talking to the principal because some parent doesn't like their kids grades...but doesn't bother to make them study.

     On another note I am officially obsessed with Sharpie pens!
     They just write so pretty and I am so in love. I want to send out little notes to all my far away friends just so I have an excuse to write with them. So Gabby, if you get anything don't be surprised! 
     I also got a teacher card at Office Depot today. OMG amazing! I bought a $5 grade book and the pens were about $8 and I only paid $10. I just love getting a deal! So teachers go get your teacher card at Office Depot!
If you don't know it...tomorrow is Friday. I love Friday...but only at 3:20 do I love Friday. This weekend we are driving down to Vtown to hang out with a fat baby and my crazy family. It is the anniversary of Nanny passing away and I think us women folk need to get a daiquiri and watch the dvd slide show we made for the memorial service. Or maybe we should do the Nanny thing and pop popcorn and drink beer. Gosh I love that quirky woman. Maybe I can finish organizing and typing up her cookbook since we are off work Monday.