Fill in the Blank Friday

September 10, 2010

1.   The strangest thing I've ever eaten is      alligator, I don't do game meat so I don't get too odd. However J thinks my really healthy habits are strange.

2.  I wouldn't be caught dead      {once again} eating deer, yuck! I also wouldn't dare wear these new super mini dresses that scream hooker   .

3.  When I am 75 I will....       sit on my porch, drink lemonade, and yell at random passing kids  .

4.  If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named       Piper {Piper City, IL}  .

5.  My name is     "Emily" because no one else in the family was named that and "Anne" after my Mom's middle name .

6.  My all time favorite photo is       of me and Nanny from 1988 fishing at the camp, it is in the previous post;)  .

7.  If I could afford it I would       drop everything here and move to England, if Jeremy would agree I'd do it immediately after graduation    .