{my favorite picture}

September 7, 2010

Today last year was my Nanny's memorial service. Honestly I have been in the dumps a bit but to honor her memory I decided I'd post my favorite picture of us together.
This is Nanny and I at our camp in Spring of 1988. A huge chunk of my childhood memories are at this place fishing with either Nanny or Pop. Mom swears that her and Dad were there on the weekends too, but I don't remember them to much. I just remember Pop leaving super early to go fishing and Nanny cooking breakfast, then making blackened Perch for dinner. Yum. I even have a very vague memory of Nanny's mom Granny Rose sitting at the window in the kitchen. It might not have occurred right after this picture, but I very strongly remember Nanny trying to get me to take the Perch off of the hook on my own and getting poked half to death with its sharp little fin. 

Good times.