Schools {nearly} Out for Summer!

May 27, 2010

This week has been insane. I've always heard end of the year stuff at school is crazy, but I have never done so much paperwork in my life. Well, as much paperwork as I can. iLEAP scores aren't released for our grade until tomorrow/last teacher day, and after they are and we can meet with the SBLC{pass/fail} committee we can file our stuff and head out to start our summer. Or in my case head to the theater to see Sex and the City 2. Oh I am so excited about this movie! 
When I saw the first one, not only was it the premiere, but Jeremy was lucky enough to be on a mission trip in Africa and totally skipped out on the whole thing. Poor thing just may get taken along for the ride this time....and have to deal with my crazy self. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the first one, but I cry every time. 

On another note. I will hopefully have a post up about last weekend but here is a sneak peak.
The first of 7 wedding will will have attended by the end of the summer. Apparently it is "the" year to get married. It would be 8 but my cousin is getting married the same day as a co-worker of mine and the same day as a good friend's bridal shower. This is all making me think a best wedding of the summer award may be in order haha. It sure will be hard to top the second wedding we attended last weekend though;)

How many weddings are y'all attending this summer?