"I Will Carry You" Giveaway

May 4, 2010

By now you have heard of this book right?

Well if you haven't, then now you have. Angie is just awesome and Audrey's story is so amazing and sweet it will just make you cry. Just ask Whitney

And that brings me to the giveaway! Whitney of PrettyWhitty.com had the great idea to do a joint giveaway with me in honor of Audrey and to hopefully touch someone's life with this wonderful book. There is just one thing though, once you read the book we want you to do a giveaway on your blog or to just give the book away and to encourage who you give it to, to continue to read it and then give it away to touch someone else's heart.

So, if you can promise you won't keep this book to yourself after your done reading it you can enter our little giveaway! Here is the next thing, we are both signing our names to the inside cover, and we want everyone who reads this copy we are circulating around to sign it as well. Whitney and I just think it would be super cool to see how many women are touched with a single copy of this wonderful book.

Here is how to enter:

You can get a total of 4 entires, 2 on my blog and 2 on Whitney's blog Pretty Whitty.

1st entry on both are totally free, just leave a comment.
2nd entry comes with a price, become a follower of the blog your entering your second entry on and leave a comment saying your a follower!

In honor of Angie's blog and all of her Sunday's {you should become one too, it's what she calls her followers} we are leaving the giveaway up until Sunday. Sometime Sunday evening we will gather our stuff and pick a winner through the random number generator. Just so ya know, one blog will start the 1-whatever and the next will pick up with the last number through whatever then enter in the generator.

So please help us to spread Audrey's amazing story and the love of our awesome God! It would be awesome if we were able touch just 50 women's lives by reading and sharing this book with others.

Love y'all! Thanks for entering our giveaway!
Emily @LABride  & Whitney @whitneymolder