This Week - Necessity is the Mother of Creativity

March 29, 2019

Week two of the pollen-apocalypse and if it is possible to die from lack of sleep I am near it. Not from the sleep part, but simply from the dumb stuff I keep doing because I haven't slept. 

Monday I tried to make coffee (this is running the risk of sounding like a kids book about this cat that Harrison loves) and it didn't work out. Turns out the press for the French press much be near the coffee. 

On the upside, I'm still loving life with that 14oz Yeti Rambler. If you 1) love a coffee mug with a hande 2) need to make that mess way in advance 3) have children... this is your coffee mug. 

I ventured out Tuesday to get my hair cut with both kids, this is only a feat worth recognizing because I haven't been anywhere single handed that required me to be sitting down and unable to really patrol. To my surprise they did great. Harrison ate snacks, read books, and convinced a younger stylist to spins him around on a chair. Elliot was great until it hit is usual cat nap time and then he wasn't great! (lol) 

The issue I find with "constantly entertained baby number two" is that if someone isn't looking at him or he has a lot to look at he feels mistreated. He loves nothing more than to be in one of those baby seats at the sitter straight in the line of danger. 

Who cares that some clumsy toddler might stomp you silly, at least there are things to look at and little girls to coo over you. 

Fast forward to Thursday and the lack of sleep (Elliot isn't a fan of congestion.) is really getting to me. I forgot my pump bottles entirely. I could have begged Jeremy to bring them, but I've done that so many times in the past 3 months that I really am trying to avoid it. Kid 2 is doing a doozie on my brain. 

Pregnancy brain was rough. 
Postnatal brain is tough. 
Mom brain is tough. 

I blame hormones and breastfeeding at this point, yes lack of sleep adds to it, but I can't find or remember anything. That's with 14 lists instructing me what to do when!!

So I had to improvise. 

After saying "crap" for about 5 miles, out loud, repeatedly; I remembered seeing someone catch their milk in cups. 

Ding. Ding. Ding! 

I'll write a post about it on Laffy Moms Blog, but let me tell you with a little yarn and some solo cups you can do anything. 

It also doesn't hurt to forget to drink your smoothie the day before and have a Ninja cup with a lid laying around your classroom. God must have known I wouldn't remember anything. I spent Wednesday night kicking myself for leaving that cup behind and in the end that mishap saved me big time. 

Because don't doubt for a second that I wouldn't have wandered with an open Solo cup of milk. I totally would. 

How's everyone else this week? Alive? Well? Yellow from the pollen?