Elliot at 4 Months

March 5, 2019

I've come to realize I take more photos of this child in the bathtub than anywhere else. So instead of pretty posed photos until he is old enough to sit up... I'm not fighting it anymore. This kid is going to have a monthly Puj Tub photo.

Plus it's an easier way to watch his neck disappear.

Elliot's Current Stats:

❊ Age – 4 months old
❊ Weight & Height – 14.4 lbs and no clue on the height. He goes to the doctor this month for his baby well visit. 

❊ Eat – He is still nursing well. My supply has been much better with this second baby. I've been putting back about two days worth of milk per week... which I don't know what to do with because I have very little need for a freezer stash. Anyone want a ton of breast-milk? 
❊ Sleep – He's been doing well. I finally moved him back to the Pack n' Play after a few weeks of being congested. That dumb Rock n' Play is the devil, I can't stand breaking babies of that habit... but it works so well for a baby that spits up or is congested. Dang it! Anyway, we are on the verge of the 4 month regression so I know this waking once at night (actually mama waking him once at night) to eat is going to end soon. I had to change when he was eating at night (30 minutes earlier) because the baby who rarely cries decided to scream bloody murder for 30 minutes two days in a row. It made bedtime a nightmare... luckily I think changing the feed time has fixed the bedtime problem. 

❊ Recent Milestones – He is laughing more, smiling more, and holds his head up better in tummy time. Elliot has started getting distracted during a nursing session or two and wants to chat with me about everything. Mainly he thinks Harrison is funny and giggles while nursing whenever something is happening in the room. 
❊ Special Moments – This month seemed kinda mundane. I can't think of something that really stood out. 

❊ Mama’s Experience – The Wonder Weeks Leap 3 is going to be the death of us. I don't have to baby free time I had previously because he is much more fussy in the evenings. He also wants to be held more where before he wanted to play on his mat. It'll pass though, all nutty Wonder Weeks eventually pass. 
❊ Comparison – Chunky chunk. 

And a Harry/Elliot comparison, because they look nothing alike. 

And big brother because it was his birthday & he brought me the camera :)