An Ode to the Top Knot, the New Beehive

March 13, 2019

Motherhood has done strange things to me. I was once the girl that washed her hair daily, but after having my first baby, I realized I could skip a day. 
Then I dyed my hair for the first time and started skipping two days. 
Next thing you know, I had figured out the top knot and learned how to stretch that hair-do. I went from every other day washing to washing only twice a week! 
Which, after looking in the mirror one morning at what was clearly more Dry Bar dry shampoo and hair spray than actual hair, I realized that I had turned into all our grandmothers circa 1965. 
I recently shared how I love a good top knot, over on the Lafayette Mom’s Blog. I’d so love for you to head over there and read all about my hair obsession and how it saves me time (and I'd love it if you left a comment) .