Meal Planning Tuesday

January 22, 2019

Can I just say that George Foreman is a life saver? 

He truly is. Clean up has been easy. Cooking has been fast. And to top it off dinner has been healthy because that's the easiest way to cook. 

So here's another week of "Things Emily Can Cook Fast." 

Monday - Nothing. We picked around. With MLK we were both off work so we took advantage of it, dropped Harry off at the sitter, had ourselves our roughly 3 times a year date... we ate all day long!

Tuesday - Sausage, Peppers & Onions, Zucchini, and Goat Cheese all sauteed together (the sausage is a pear and Gorgonzola from Sam's. Basically the cheaper version of Aidell's)

Wednesday - grilled chicken with a chopped salad

Thursday - Chuck Roast, Green Beans, Rice (never made this last week)

Friday - leftovers

Saturday - Pepperoni Chicken, Pasta, Broccoli

Sunday - Chicken, Birdseye Steamable Veggie Pasta, Brussel Sprouts

Breakfast - My favorite smoothie. 

Lunch - Whole30 BBQ Bowl (grilled chicken, roasted sweet potato and brussel sprouts, Against All Grain BBQ Sauce)

Snacks - Nuts & Cheese/Avocado Pudding/or Banana Smoothie (depends on my macros for the day)