Meal Planning Monday

January 14, 2019

Week 2 of being back at work and sadly one of these days has been my most dreaded. Jeremy has an out of town meeting and I am in charge of taking the kids to the sitter. Womp! Whomp! He is typically in charge of such outings because his office is by our sitter (we use to live in the same neighborhood that she does). My job is well on the opposite side of America so now I'v got to figure out how to get to the sitter on time and work on time, feed the baby or pump, and not to be a broken record but NOT BE LATE. 

Monday - Beef Stir-fry (just a frozen bag of stir-fry veggie, ground beef, and seasoned with every Asian item I own)

Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (bag salad for the win)

Wednesday - Chuck Roast, Green Beans, Rice

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Chicken, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and a Birds Eye Frozen Lentil Pasta

Saturday - Breakfast for dinner!

Sunday - Peppers and Onions, Sausage, Potatoes, and Zucchini

Breakfast - My favorite smoothie. 

Lunch - Grilled Chicken, Rice, Avocado, Peach Pineapple Salsa, and Sugar Snap Pea Bowl

Snacks - Pear or Protein Bar