How to Not KonMari

January 18, 2019

By nature I'm a planned out individual who can't stand clutter.

If everything doesn't have a specific space I feel chaotic and gross. And you'll also find me cleaning.

In that though, I don't thank my clothing, or fold it funny. It doesn't take me long to purge and I keep a constant stream of things leaving the house... at least things that come in that aren't needed.

So with that, here are a few of my "how to be a purger" tips that I live by... new and improved with our 1/2 the square feet we are typically use to living situation.

The Anti-KonMari Method

1. To start the clothing purge remove everything from your closet or drawers and toss what you know you A) haven't worn in a long time B) is out of style or C) doesn't fit. Next place everything on their hangers and back into the closet with the hangers all facing the same way. As you wear an item place it on the hanger in the opposite direction. At the end of the year anything that wasn't regularly worn needs to be donated unless it's a special occasion item. I give those about 2-3 years. I go through my dresser drawer about once a year and reorganize the shirts and undies, toss what needs to go and move on. No special folding.

2. Keeps shoes to a minimum. I keep one tennis shoe (workout type), a flat, a sneaker or slip on like Converse, a brown bootie and boot, a black bootie and boot, a duck boot, a rain boot, a nice leather sandal, and a water proof flip flop. I also have a pair of heels in black and nude. I don't have a lot of variety but it saves on space.

3. For towels I keep 3 per person. We reuse our towel all week and I wash a load every other Saturday. The 3 allows for guests and when something happens and you need to replace it.

4. Keep bedding and blankets to a minimum. You really don't need more than 2 sets of sheets. For years I kept only one. When blankets start being tucked into every nook you have it's time for them to go. If they don't match your decor or serve some amazing purpose it's off to the donate pile.

5. I keep kid clothing organized by size and in tubs. As soon as we know we are done then whatever size everyone has grown out of will be donated. This is really the only area I have stuff I wouldn't normally hold onto. But I don't want to toss something only to immediately purchase it again.

6. Gadgets and Kid Gear - With the addition of Elliot I got rid of many a baby item. We currently have our Ikea high chair with the insert (it allows them to sit up much sooner and I can keep him at the dinner table), a swing, playmat, Rock N Play, and a bassinet. Honestly at this point I don't see the need for the bassinet and might not hold onto it for another baby. As far as gadgets go for the adults in the house we don't keep anything that isn't regularly used. If it doesn't serve a purpose and you haven't touched it in 6 months it needs to be donated.

7. Kid toys are my struggle. I want to toss more than I should and really take more time here to process what will go. At the moment my hard and fast rule is if it doesn't fit in the 3 drawer tub I have or in the living room basket it doesn't live here. The rule is currently being broken for a few baby toys I have hidden behind the chair in the nursery. Whatever it is, it just can't be piled up and living here for the sake of someone spent money on it.

8. For the kitchen keep only what you absolutely use. Do you need 3 round cake pans? Or can you get by on 2? I presently have a large skillet, small skillet, two large pots that you could boil pasta in, a small and medium sauce pan, 3 baking trays, a cooling rack, a few cutting boards, a knife block, a 13x9 and an 8x8 glass baking dish as well as a 13x9 metal roasting pan, a muffin pan, and a bread pan. As far as kitchen gadgets go I have a George Foreman (since we don't have a grill), blender, toaster oven, bread machine, food processor, and Yonana maker. I also have a few cake pans, ice cream maker, juicer, and server ware but they are all in storage because of the space issue and frequency they are used. I can put those away for a year but I'm not willing to toss them because they are items I use.

9. My Tupperware rule is "if it doesn't have lid or is warped it goes in the trash." I check these items about once a year and toss as I notice things need replacing.

10. I don't save papers. Like at all. Starting in Pre-K I will save 3-4 items that are special or special occasion and keep them in a binder. Until them most things have been trashed. A friend recently had a great idea though if you are someone who likes to keep drawings, she had the kids draw a photo of her and framed them.

So those are my main rules for how I keep things to a minimum. I even recently replaced our worn out Keurig with a small electric kettle and french press just to save on space. And honestly, I think it makes better coffee.

If anyone is interested I can write a post with photos on how I organize our super small space.