Life Lately

January 30, 2019

I find that kid two really puts a damper on how much time you think you have to take photos of life. It's like you're hands are literally too full of extra bags to take out a camera. 

This little skunk is finally showing signs of potty training. It only took a sticker chart and nudity about 90% of the time he's at home. Now to fix the sitter side of the deal I ordered THESE Charlie Banana training pants so he can feel himself wet at the sitter and not get his pants wet. 

The particular photo above... that was taken after a birthday party that was during nap time. I should have known better because by the time the party (well before we left early) ended he was mad that the cake wasn't Turtle and heavily offended that someone gave him a juice box. He only drinks water, sometimes calls it juice because the sitter kids do, and won't accept more than ice in his cup without looking at you with a death stare.

Needless to say he was standing at the door demanding he "needa go bye bye."

ZuHause Bakery in Lafayette has these beignet style king cakes. It's honestly ranking #2 to my beloved Keller's Praline Pecan King Cake. Do yourself a favor and get one!

Have you ever seen a happier baby doll? Little bald headed baby needs a hat to distract from his big ole bald head. I'm currently trying to wean him from the Rock n' Play before the 4 month regression begins. Let me tell y'all... I can't remember how that went with Harrison. I was too sleep deprived and he wasn't Captain Easy. This little booger though, he woke up twice, one of them seriously cutting me short on sleep. So we're crossing all our fingers and toes that this transition is fast. 

I swear to you this is Elliot. He kind of looks like him. Why do our babies only love me until about 4 months old. Daddy is all fun and games but nobody soothes a baby like mama soothes a baby. 

If you haven't gotten yourself a silicone loofah brush you are missing out! We got ours in last week and these puppies are much more hygienic than the mesh sponge loofah. Plus I like how it exfoliates much better. Plus they last way way longer than the mesh ones!